Learning support and inclusion

We provide a range of support for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Every year, we help more than 200 students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities learn and progress. Call Beth Webster on 0118 9554583 if you need help.

Our courses include gaining independent living skills, preparing for employment through work placements or working in the LLD/D run shop.

We help students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in a variety of ways:

  • Our Autism Spectrum Disorder Centre offers 1-1 support, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy provision for learners with an Autism Spectrum Condition who are not able to access a mainstream environment
  • Deaf support is available for our hearing impaired students
  • Dyslexia support includes assessment for special arrangements during exams and some 1-1 and small group support
  • Our exams office supports students who need additional time during exams, scribes, readers or additional equipment
  • Learning Support Assistants offer 1-1 or small group support to students with a variety of additional needs.
  • We have a dedicated LLD/D Department, including specialist tutors and Learning Support Assistants
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Disability provision is available at Ravenswood Village for students who are unable to access mainstream college. We offer 1-1 support from teaching and support staff
  • Specialist medically trained staff are available, who have received training in epilepsy and the administration of buccal midazolam
  • Support plans are written for any students who have additional needs that impact their learning, including emotional, physical or others.

We are always available to talk, so please contact us if you would like to discuss any support needs. We are here to help!

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