Learning Philosophy

Our award-winning Learning Philosophy is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning, putting our learners first.

Introducing our Learning Philosophy

We understand how people learn best, and how to work with every individual to remove traditional barriers to learning. Our Learning Philosophy has driven new models of applied learning, which develop motivated and emotionally resilient learners. Every year it enables thousands of people to unlock their potential and switch on to the power of learning. In 2016-17 it was awarded the Association of Colleges Beacon Award for Practical Teaching and Learning.

The Learning Philosophy is rooted in an understanding of how the brain, motiviation and emotions work together to impact on learning. Here is why those elements are at the heart of our teaching and learning practice.


You may have heard the saying 'you are what you think'.

Neuroscience has demonstrated that the capacity of our brains is limitless. And yet we often limit our own learning because we focus on what we think we can't achieve. Learning is all about making and deepening those neural connections.

We are here to help you develop good learning habits, and set aside those which can hold you back from learning. We do this by developing your independent learning skills, teaching active listening, building life skills, and through identifying technical and soft skills required for the work place.

Activate Learning has built outstanding relationships with a huge variety of employers, providing students with a

Jane Samuels, Head of Projects and Partnerships at the Edge Foundation


So if our brains are capable of learning anything and everything, why don't we?

The answer is that we often lack motivation. While our brains may be capable of learning anything, we are only likely to use them if we are motivated to do so. It is our job to demonstrate the relevance and impact of new skills and knowledge so that students maintain motivation.

We help you develop the grit, determination and patience to persevere, as well as empower you to have freedom over your learning.


Have you ever tried to learn a new skill, such as speaking a foreign language and found yourself giving up?

Learning someting new is exciting and fun, but it can be challenging too. It often means stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks. Often the biggest barriers are our self-imposed limitations. These may be because of negative learning experiences in the past, which means as soon as we enter familiar territory the emotional roadblocks go up.

We listen to what you tell us about your learning habits, and we help you to believe in yourself and focus on your strengths. We create learning environments where you are encouraged to take risks and learn from mistakes in a safe and supportive space.

Teachers plan innovative activities that develop learners' entrepreneurial and employability skills well. Vocational areas have set up 'learning companies' through which a high number of learners are gaining valuable entrepreneurial and employability skills.

Activate Learning Ofsted inspection report 2014